• Box for pillow

    Due to their volume, low weight, and ease of transport, the boxes for pillows must bring together the content with the purpose: transporting to the consumer’s home. Calheiros Embalagens makes boxes for this purpose and others, including different materials and finishes.


  • Box for pressure cooker

    An example of packaging for the home and decoration market in which durability is essential, without ever forgetting one of the goals of packaging: product communication.


  • Aquarium Packaging

    Packaging has an added importance when it comes to fragile products. The need to keep intact what is inside is extremely important for our customers’ business.


  • Box for knife set

    Calheiros Embalagens also creates dual-use solutions: transport and display, for example. In this way, we offer our customers a more economical way of showcasing their products, while getting their buyers’ attention.


Home and decoration: packaging that adapts to any content.

There are different types of packaging for home and decoration, all depending on the product. This includes packaging that will have to support weight, or whose contents will be fragile, and even those that will include volume and light weight.

Our experience gained over the years allows us to work for each and every one of them and adapt our response.