• Display box

    One way to make the products you want to market known is to show them off. Display boxes are a way of doing this. The finish on these boxes allows the customer to see the final product right inside the box.


  • Gift box

    Special dates are a way for companies to make themselves known better with customers and partners. It is no wonder that several display boxes have been created for these occasions. Calheiros Embalagens can create the graphics for these boxes and carry out the respective production with top quality.


  • Bottle display

    Beverage advertising requires visibility of the products. A bottle display can be a simple way to achieve this limelight. At Calheiros, we design and produce displays with different finishes and cuts, so that your product gets all the attention.


Displays and display boxes: the limelight your product deserves.

Competition at the point of sale for the attention of consumers means different brands trying to make themselves stand out and, so, boost their sales. The placement of displays and display boxes is one way of doing this. Calheiros Embalagens helps brands to create materials that stand out because of their shape or finish. Challenge us!