• Packaging for sliced cold cuts

    Charcuterie packages with sliced products need to be designed differently, as they must often be hung on displays that are easily accessible to customers. Calheiros Embalagens designs and produces these packages, taking into account these technical aspects, but also those of visibility, applying finishes that work against humidity, temperature, and handling by people; always with the objective of conserving what is inside.


  • Box for prosciutto

    The prosciutto box is a practical solution for the customer and keeps the food product away from the light, maintaining its flavour and texture qualities. Another advantage of this charcuterie packaging is its transportation, thanks to the plastic handle.


Charcuterie packaging. Taste above all else.

The design and production of charcuterie packaging is well known to Calheiros Embalagens. For this type of food, we produce solutions that help the end customer during the transportation of the food product and its preservation before consumption.

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