• Box for original 500-gram sponge cake

    Boxes for desserts and snacks can be produced using a combination of different materials so that the end customer can see the condition and appearance of the product. In the image, you can see the packaging for our customer Pão de Ló Ti'Piedade.


  • Cake box

    The cake boxes designed and produced by Calheiros Embalagens help preserve food products. The graphic design on the exterior should help the consumer to choose the product.

  • King Cake box

    Type A boxes are a solution used in the food industry to pack desserts and snacks. These boxes allow for a reduction in volume, both in logistics and storage by customers. These types of boxes can be customized according to the customer’s images and the type of finish.


  • Counter Displays

    Sweets and snack boxes can be used as a display at the point of sale. Calheiros Embalagens creates the cutters thought up by the customer and uses them in a careful and personalized way.

  • Box pouch with almonds

    Ferbar is one of the customers for whom we produce boxes for sweets and snacks. The box that is also a pouch for almonds is one of those products and stands out for its shape and the different materials used.


  • Display box for nuts

    The great customization of the boxes for sweets and snacks is one of the challenges that we overcome on a daily basis. Our boxes are transformed to become displays or even pouches, in addition to adapting to any shape or size required by the customer.


Boxes for desserts and snacks, a sweet packaging.

The packaging for desserts and snacks protects the food inside. At the same time, the boxes and packaging we produce help to make these products stand out at the points of sale where they are located, contributing positively to our customers’ sales and brand awareness.

See the different boxes we have already produced for desserts and snacks.