• Box for small appliances

    In the small appliances market, it is pivotal that the product stands out from the competition, and this can be done by including advertising messages or partnerships. The finishes take on added importance, so that transportation does not affect the message that is intended to be conveyed.



  • Box for small appliances

    Boxes for appliances are mainly used to protect the equipment. Calheiros Embalagens knows that it is also necessary to respond to two needs: to be transported for many kilometres and to draw the attention of customers at the point of sale.


  • Box for electronic equipment

    The full protection of the product is an important characteristic when it comes to the boxes for electronic material. This need is studied and met by Calheiros Embalagens, without ever forgetting the finish of the box, which of course will help boost sales.


Boxes for appliances and electronics: overall protection.

Household appliances and electronic products need boxes that protect them from the moment they leave production, all the way through the logistics of transportation, and on to the consumer's home. At Calheiros Embalagens, we offer the right solutions; solutions that adapt to the volume, weight, and fragility of the products.

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