All-purpose products

Our work consists in the transformation of the paper sheet to create packaging that will respond to our customers’ needs. We create and produce packaging for many different purposes, but always with the same goal: quality and customer satisfaction.


Calheiros Embalagens products

Calheiros Embalagens designs and produces a wide range of products for different markets, according to the specifics of each one. The technology we use allows us to produce in small and large formats, from the design, prototyping to printing and finishes of different types.

Discover our raw materials and the finishes of each package we produce.


Excellent raw materials

At Calheiros Embalagens, we only have one goal: excellence in the production of lithographed packaging that meets our customers’ requests. A quality policy that starts on the first sheet of a package and continues until the finishes.



Combination of papers with different grammage.


Mini micro F flute

Mini Micro (F) board less than 1.5 mm thick.


Micro E flute

Micro (E) board with a thickness of about 1.5 mm.


B Flute 

B flute board with a thickness of about 3 mm.



The boards combine cardboard of different types to hold our customers’ products. The combination allows for boxes with different thicknesses and different purposes, according to the weight and volume of the content.


Micro E Flute + Micro E Flute

Double wall Micro E Flute cardboard.


B Flute + Micro E Flute

Double wall made up of B flute cardboard and Micro E flute.


B Flute + B Flute

Double wall made up of B flute cardbaord.


Multiple finishes, custom-made packaging.

The packaging finishes made by Calheiros Embalagens allow for the recreation of all of our customers’ creativity, and for final results that go beyond their expectations. See the finishes we offer.


Water Varnish

UV Varnish

Matte Varnish

Matte Varnish with UV spot Varnish 

Matte Varnish with Seregraphic thickened UV spot Varnish

Drip-off Varnish

Metallic Lamination

Matte Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Matt Lamination with UV spot Varnish

Without Varnish

Hot Stamping


  • Packaging for wines and sparkling wines

    Wine packaging includes solutions such as Bag In Box, single bottle packaging, or boxes for 3, 6, 12, or more bottles. Discover the entire range!


  • Spirits packaging

    Spirits packaging is used for transporting and displaying the product at the point of sale. Discover Calheiros Embalagens solutions.


  • Boxes for desserts and snacks

    Calheiros Embalagens offers different material configurations for dessert and snack boxes. Discover them and challenge us to create yours.


  • Boxes for cereals and biscuits

    The boxes for cereals and biscuits position your product at the point of sale and help to reinforce your brand. Calheiros Embalagens is the right supplier.


  • Boxes for fresh and frozen products

    Fresh and frozen boxes help to preserve the product and make it appealing to the consumer. Calheiros Embalagens is the partner to produce them.


  • Charcuterie packaging

    Calheiros Embalagens charcuterie packaging can combine different materials, helping to conserve and highlight sausages.


  • Other packaging for the food industry

    The food boxes produced by Calheiros Embalagens can be used for different situations.


  • Boxes for appliances and electronics

    The boxes for appliances and electronics created by Calheiros Embalagens allow for the preservation of the devices in all types of conditions. Discover our solutions!


  • Packaging for home and decoration

    The packaging for home and decoration are adapted to the type of product they transport in terms of volume and weight. Discover them!


  • Boxes for the pharmaceutical industry

    Discover the boxes for the pharmaceutical and health industry developed by Calheiros Embalagens.


  • Boxes for the textile industry

    Calheiros Embalagens works with the textile industry, helping to bring attention to the products of this market at the point of sale. See our solutions.


  • Boxes for the footwear industry

    Calheiros Embalagens is the right supplier for the footwear industry in the creation of boxes that stand out at the point of sale and protect the content.


  • Office supplies

    Calheiros Embalagens’ solutions respond to the needs of many markets. The production of office supplies is one of our specialties.


  • Gifts and Merchandising

    Calheiros Embalagens produces gifts and merchandising for the advertising market. Challenge us!


  • Displays and display boxes

    Displays and display boxes can create a backdrop for the product and make it stand out at the point of sale. Discover our solutions.